About Us


Picture of "KLC" from the perspective of a then 7-year old only 2 months into the ministry. We believe she truly captured our purpose & mission.

The Kingdom Life Center Inc., founded in July 2015, The Kingdom Life Center is on its’ way to becoming a cultural leader in communities – locally and abroad. The Kingdom Life Center’s purpose is to show love, give love, and practice love. The Kingdom Life Center’s mission is to empower families and the community to reach their maximum potential in all realms of life. We want to be the source of light, refinement and progression by providing the necessary tools to enable edification in the spiritual as well as the natural. We also want to build and maintain families and relationships through love, knowledge sharing, education and support.

The existence of KLC's mantra: "Belong, Believe & Become", isn't for a mere catchy phrase, but to offer our members, friends, family and community a feeling of belonging:

Belong - Become a part of something that deems you special, needed and valued.

Believe - in not only the Word of God, but also in yourself, as well as what the Word of God says that YOU are - a royal priesthood, a chosen generation.

Become - that disciple you are called to be; the entrepreneur, the opposite of the expected statistic. We want you to become exactly what God designed for your life. To be the HEAD and not the TAIL.

KLC members who flew to Flint, Michigan to personally hand-deliver water to those suffering from the water crisis.

First Lady LaToya Gatlin helping a little one try on a jacket available from the KLC food & clothes pantry.

First Invitation to the Kingdom Life Center Ministry