Serve - Beyond The Walls

Are you looking for a place of worship where you can also serve the community?

We are a multifaceted mission driven church but the foundation of all our efforts, all our ministries is to SERVE! More importantly, it is our mission to SERVE BEYOND THE WALLS! In a world where many are solely interested in serving themselves, we want to make it clear that God placed us right where we are to SERVE those right where we are. That means YOU! We truly believe if we ALL had the mind to SERVE instead of being served, none of us would go underserved!

Flint Flyer requesting everyone involvement in the effort!


KLC hosted a Christmas party for the children in the community and local shelter residents with food, fun and lots of free toys.

KLC hosted a sit-down thanksgiving meal for the community and local shelter residents.  No lines, no wait. Table adorned with real linen, real dining, and SERVED!


KLC 23 Passenger Bus used for many of our mission efforts and available for rent for at affordable rates for YOUR ministry needs.

47 Passenger Bus


Thanksgiving Sit Down 2016